Trainings & Workshops

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Trauma-Informed Care 


Is your organization shifting to take a more trauma-informed approach with clients and customers? This training is for helping professionals to learn about trauma and best practices for trauma-informed care. Trauma-Informed trainings can be tailored to meet the needs of your organization. To learn more information or schedule a training click on the link below!

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EMDR Trainings


Are you an EMDR Therapist looking for more ideas, tools & strategies to work with children? Currently, I am featured as a guest presenter in an On-Demand Advanced EMDR Training with Annie Monaco & Ann Beckley-Forest. Check out the "Virtually Possible Play Supported EMDR with Children via Telehealth" Training and register with the link below!

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Self-Care Series


Is your organization noticing high levels of stress and burnout? This training series is for helping professionals to strengthen and deepen self-care practices. This training series consists of 8 modules to learn effective self-care and mindfulness strategies for the following areas:

  • Physical Self-Care

  • Emotional Self-Care

  • Psychological Self-Care

  • Spiritual Self-Care

  • Social Self-Care

  • Financial Self-Care

  • Environmental Self-Care

  • Professional Self-Care

Yoga in Nature

Trauma Conscious Yoga Workshop


Work in Progress . . .